Spa Vive offers Apprenticeship Massage at our Down Town location, Vive Institute. Our massage school at Vive Institute is happy to announce $35  Apprentice Massage as well as Community Service Massage.

Community service is a great way for students to give back to the community while they are building their hands-on training and apprenticeship hours. Community groups such as Hospice, the Veterans Center, the Maternity Group, and even our local care-givers at the hospital and elderly center are invited to receive a supervised massage from one of our students. This gives the hard workers in our community the chance to give constructive feedback as well as receive the gift of massage. We also this service to our Civil Servants such as Police Officers, Fireman and Nurses.  Call for approval!

At Spa Vive and Vive Institute, we believe that massage brings wellness like nothing else. We are truly delighted to spread this wellness to our community through our budding masseuses.