Massage Core Class – $1875

Next Class, October 13th 2018  

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In this comprehensive massage therapy class, you will learn the fundamentals of massage therapy. The first 50 hours begin with Anatomy, Physiology, and Structural Kinesiology. To strengthen your spa business skills, the course also includes proper hygiene, record keeping, and other skills you will need as a professional.

The next 100 hours of your Massage Core Class will be hands-on training of traditional Swedish Massage. Here is where students learn how to give a professional massage and receive one as well. We like to call this the “Give and Get Phase”. Students will first learn areas of the body and the techniques that accompany them. Once students acquire the techniques, they combine the techniques with fluidity to deliver a one hour massage. Instructor supervision and guidance ensure that our students refine their presentation, benefit from solid experience, and proceed at a high skill level.

Price includes your first bottle of oil, holster and books!