Waxing is done to remove hair from virtually any part of the body. It is most commonly used for removing hair on the arms, legs, underarms and bikini area. Other parts of body where waxing is frequently used for hair-removal are face, including upper lips, lower lips, eyebrows and chin, and the chest and back.

In contrast to other methods of hair removal like hair-removing creams and shaving, waxing does not cause cuts, pigmentation, or badly smelling skin. No harsh chemicals are present in our wax, so, the skin is saved from their damaging effect.

We only use honey wax and hard wax for the most optimum results for our clients.

  • Waxing Lip -$10

  • Waxing Brow – $17

  • Waxing Bikini – $59

  • Waxing Brazilian – $69

  • Waxing Back – $52

  • Waxing Chest – $52

  • Waxing Full Face – $31

  • Waxing Full Arm – $41

  • Waxing Full Leg – $72

  • Waxing Half Leg – $36

  • Waxing Under Arm – $118